As a leader for risk management professionals, GRI is focused on investigating and exploring the most critical issues facing financial institutions today.

Emerging Risk

The financial institutions industry is being redefined with budding innovations, digitalization and changing regulatory matters. For many in the sector, the changing behaviour of consumers will mean having to evolve into new models of operating.


The Challenge

The Financial industry – including banks, asset managers, pension managers and insurance companies – are all facing increasing regulatory demands while simultaneously trying to respond to new technologies advances and disruptions that are challenging their operational models. We are focused on probing these topics to give our members the edge they need to compete this rapidly changing industry.

Our Response

By bringing together leaders from industry, academia, and government we identify and develop actionable insights on emerging risks and innovations globally. From these different vantage points, we are able to develop new approaches to risk management practices and help our member organizations build innovative and practical strategies to better manage the balance between risk and opportunity.


GRI has identified and targeted 7 emerging risk categories we feel have the greatest impact on the financial sector today. We are focused on investigating these topics to give our members the edge they need to compete in this rapidly changing industry.


Learn about each of our 7 risk categories and why they matter.

Technological Disruption and Innovations >

Cyber Security and Fraud >

Climate Change and Environmental Risk >

Regulatory Compliance and Financial Stability >

Systemic Risk >

Macroeconomic Risk >

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