A Canada Day Message from Sonia Baxendale

Canada Day Graphic

Canada Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the rich diversity of our country, reflect on the past and consider the way forward. Like so many, when I was a young child, my family immigrated to Canada to create a better life for us. While there were difficulties, we found Canada a welcoming country, and I feel fortunate to have been presented with so many opportunities.

Fast forward to 2022, and there is no doubt that we have many challenges to face as business leaders. The global pandemic put a clear spotlight on the disparities in our communities and organizations.
While no one has all the answers, this is what I believe – as we build back our economy, as we tackle geopolitical forces, climate change and the future of the next generation, it is equally important to build back in a socially just and inclusive way. Every segment of our community deserves to be given the opportunities that my parents sought for me and we seek for our children.

As leaders in the financial services sector, academia and government, we are well positioned to give everyone a voice, to celebrate our diversity and create inclusive and equitable work environments. I look forward to working with you as we build back our economy over the coming months and years.

Happy Canada Day!

Sonia Baxendale