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Beyond Low For Long: Global Risk Institute Reports on the Pensions Sub-Sector Lunch

MARCH 30, 2015


GRI recently hosted representatives from ten of our member organizations in the pensions industry for our first sub-sector lunch. At this event, we discussed some of our existing work relating to pensions and heard directly from our members about the top risk priorities for pension schemes from their perspective. While the impact of low interest rates over a prolonged period is a pertinent issue, members noted that their top risk priorities extend beyond low for long, to understanding the wider impacts of regulation on economic factors that can affect risk dynamics. The risk priorities raised in the session are detailed in a report that can be accessed by logging into the GRI member area.

The risk priorities members shared will be raised in GRI’s future research committee sessions to ensure our work continues to serve our members’ needs.

We are currently planning a second sub-sector lunch for our members in the insurance industry. More details will be announced in due course.