We favour an integrated approach to risk management education, using discussion and engagement to build the capacity to understand and manage risks at all level

Building Risk Professionals

As part of our mission to build the capacity of risk professionals in our sector, our Members gain access to GRI’s education programs and networking events.

We have several programs underway to improve the skills of risk managers, from new university grads to C-Suite executives to Board members. Our educational programs build the talent necessary to sustain and grow Canada’s competitive advantage in risk management for the financial services industry.


GRI believes in engaging directly with our members in order to assist them in building the knowledge and strengthen their risk management team.

GRI Education Programs

Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program

GRI Board Risk Oversight & Insight Program is conducted bi-annually in partnership with the Rotman School of Management. This program covers key aspects of risk oversight in the financial services sector and is available exclusively to Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI) member institutions.

Emerging Leaders Program

The Risk Management for Emerging Leaders Program is targeted at new leaders interested in advancing their knowledge and effectiveness in the management of risk. This program is offered twice annually.

Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap

The Roadmap identifies seven core ERM processes and the associated interdependencies required to achieve the formation of an effective, holistic and integrated approach to ERM in a financial services context. GRI believes that the systematic application of the principles and practices embedded in this Roadmap can materially improve the overall decision quality and experience outcomes that arise in relation to the wide range of risk/return trade-offs inherent in a financial institution’s business strategy and operations.



Educational Partners

Masters Financial Risk Management

University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management on their new Masters Financial Risk Management program.

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The Master of Financial Risk Management is an intensive full-time, 8-month program designed to prepare you for in-demand careers in risk management and trading.

The Master of Financial Risk Management (MFRM) is designed to prepare students who excel at finance and quantitative analysis for careers in this in-demand sector. A bridge between your academic and professional life, the full-time, 8-month program allows you to fast track into the finance industry, giving you a competitive edge over applicants with just an undergraduate degree. Turn risk into reward: consider the MFRM.

Visit Rotman School of Management for program details