We favour an integrated approach to risk management education, using discussion and engagement to build the capacity to understand and manage risks at all level

Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program

A Joint GRI-Rotman Education Program for board members and senior stakeholders

As a senior leader in a financial institution, you face a range of operational challenges every day. As a board member your role will also involve the identification and management of financial risks: Risks that your organization currently faces, unseen risks that currently exist at a systemic or operational level and new and emerging risks of which you are currently unaware.


We consider risk oversight as one of the key responsibilities of the board with critical linkage to strategy and organizational success.

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Offered over 1.5 days at the Rotman School of Management in downtown Toronto, GRl’s flagship program brings together the best practitioners and academics to provide actionable insight on the risk oversight responsibilities of boards and their directors.

Hear from governance and risk management experts in a collaborative environment featuring interactive discussions and case studies to share experiences and enhance your capabilities to effectively oversee risk management and ensure linkage to the achievement of strategy.

We created the Board Risk Oversight Program exclusively for board members and senior stakeholders in the financial sector including central bankers, policymakers and regulators. With an alumni over 90+ GRI members having completed this program since 2014, it is a respected course.



As a participant in this program I would highlight the dialogue and sharing of views with peer directors at other financial institutions as the biggest return.


Why GRI members should take the program

Open learning environment

This program is an opportunity for directors to interact with other financial institutions directors in an open learning environment. Participants will hear from academics, practitioners and other directors – share points of view on leading practices and lessons learned. We are providing attendees with novel research relevant to real-world problems and outstanding risk education.


Participants in this program will benefit from the experience of world-class risk practitioners and educators:

  • We work collaboratively using case studies, presentations and group learning techniques to build their capacity to identify, manage and benefit from the risks their organizations face both now and in the future.
  • Those who attend this program will enhance their understanding of risk oversight as a board member at a financial institutions, as well as being able to better anticipate future trends that could affect their organization.



“The Board Risk Oversight and Program is an outstanding program for anyone on a board, and articularly for members of the risk committee. In an increasingly interconnected, global and digital world economy, sound risk governance is a competitive imperative. The Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program moves briskly from theory to practice, and from knowledge, to skills, to judgment.”

  • Tiff Macklem
    Dean, Rotman School of Management and Scotiabank Board Member

“The Global Risk Institute’s Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program (“BROIP”) has proven to be a key resource for board members. Risk oversight continues to be a crucial responsibility of the board. The GRI program highlights prime ongoing operational and financial risks that confront senior decisions makers, and provides an opportunity to look at emerging risks. The program provides an important educational and development opportunity for financial service industry directors.”

  • Heather Munroe-Blum
    Chairperson, Board of Directors, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Royal Bank Board Member

“I found the sessions to be both informative and thought provoking. I am encouraging all of our directors to attend as it will help facilitate our ongoing risk dialogue.”

  • David LeGresley
    Board Chair, Equitable Bank Group

“As a board member, GRI’s Board Risk Oversight and Insight Program gave me a rare opportunity to engage with my peers and share points of view on topics of vital importance to board members in today’s uncertain global environment”

  • Diane Bean
    PSP Investments Board Member