We favour an integrated approach to risk management education, using discussion and engagement to build the capacity to understand and manage risks at all level

GRI's Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap and Program

One of our primary goals has been to improve risk management in the financial services sector through enterprise risk management (ERM) education and training

In order to advance this important goal, Global Risk Institute is launching a comprehensive ERM Roadmap program initiative to contribute to this important ERM practice area. 


The resulting GRI ERM program reflects the following core attributes:

  • A process oriented framework, reflecting the discrete key risk management activities in the ERM cycle, as well as their many associated interdependencies
  • A program that highlights the important relationship between organizational strategy and the ERM process, and the vital role that Risk Appetite plays in facilitating this linkage
  • Understanding of the fundamental role Risk Culture plays in shaping decision making around risk/return trade-offs in a financial services context







The GRI ERM Roadmap identifies seven core ERM processes and their associated interdependencies

The Roadmap identifies seven core ERM processes and the associated interdependencies required to achieve the formation of an effective, holistic and integrated approach to ERM in a financial services context. GRI believes that the systematic application of the principles and practices embedded in this Roadmap can materially improve the overall decision quality and experience outcomes that arise in relation to the wide range of risk/return trade-offs inherent in a financial institution’s business strategy and operations.


Each of the seven learning modules are designed to help members understand and develop actionable insights and methodologies they can use.

  1. Risk Appetite
  2. Risk Identification
  3. Risk Measurement and Assessment
  4. Risk Budgeting and Actions
  5. Governance and Controls
  6. Reporting and Communications
  7. Risk Culture

Learn more about the core ERM Roadmap elements by viewing
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