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Getting Ready for Quantum Computing: Cyber Risk Considerations

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Are you quantum ready? The encryption technologies that are securing Canada’s financial systems today, will one day become obsolete. The timeline to this happening is accelerating. Getting ready for Quantum Computing is key to protecting data which is essential to the stability of the Canadian Financial Sector.

Join us in a discussion around how our financial institutions can prepare for implementing quantum-safe systems.  We will review recommendations and observations from the [download id=”24165″] and the [download id=”24307″].

Full report –  2021 Quantum Threat Timeline Report – Global Risk Institute : Global Risk Institute


Mary Horrigan

BIO:  Mary Horrigan is a senior security architect with 2Keys / Interac, with a primary focus on cryptography.

Mary has a B.Sc. and M. Sc. In computer science from the University of Toronto, and an M.A. from the University of St. Michael’s College. Her professional certifications include CISA, CISSP, and CISM.

After graduation, Mary moved into a software development role with I.P. Sharp Associates Ltd., then into a faculty position in the Physical Sciences Division of University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. After several years teaching mathematics and computer science, she once again moved into software development, then joined Scotiabank as an information systems auditor. After three years in the audit department, she transferred to Cryptographic Services, where she supported, managed, and architected public key infrastructures and symmetric cryptographic solutions.

Mary recently retired from Scotiabank and joined 2Keys / Interac, where she continues to provide consulting on cryptographic solutions.

Mary is a founding member of the Canadian Financial Institution Quantum Working Group, which has been preparing for the advent of quantum computers since 2015.


Michele Mosca
Co-Founder, President and CEO, EvolutionQ

BIO: Dr. Mosca is one of the world’s leading scientists in quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and conventional cryptography in an era with quantum technologies. He was a founder of Canada’s Institute for Quantum Computing, was a founding Faculty Member of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and co-authored the respected textbook An Introduction to Quantum Computing.


Gilles Piché
Director, Cyber Security Solution Architecture and Assurance

BIO:  Gilles is the Director of Cyber Security Solution Architect in the Cyber Security Division at the Bank of Canada.  Reporting to the CISO, he is responsible for the development of the Cyber Security Standards and reference architectures.  His team contributes to the securing and enablement of business solution as well as cyber specific solutions, and technologies.   Some of the specific areas of focus include Third Party Risk Management, Zero Trust strategy and getting ready to mitigate the Quantum Threat.

Prior to that, Gilles helped create and manage the Cyber Defense Centre where he was responsible for operations and management of the Bank’s cyber security tools, security assessment and security operations centre.

Gilles’ IT and Cyber Security experience span over the last 20 years through which he has performed almost every aspect of Cyber Security.  When not working on cyber, Gilles enjoys a variety of outdoor sports such Alpine Skiing and Cycling.


Vanda Vicars
COO, Global Risk Institute

BIO: Vanda Vicars is Chief Operating Officer at the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services since 2019 where she leads strategy development and execution for member services, events and education, marketing, communications, and corporate services.

A respected C-Suite executive with more than 30 years of leadership experience in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector, Ms. Vicars has held senior roles at leading organizations including CEO, Canada Infrastructure Services, Capgemini; President Capgemini Canada; Senior Vice President of ICT Solutions, Bell Canada; and IBM where she held various mandates in the Global Services organization leading operational teams servicing Canada’s largest institutions in the areas of Technical Support and IT and Network Outsourcing.

Ms. Vicars oversees the cyber risk file at GRI working with researchers and delivering Board level education on the topic of cyber security oversight. Over the course of her career, she has led teams delivering project and cyber services to the financial sector and various government entities.

Ms. Vicars is currently on the Quantum-Safe Canada Governing Board.



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