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The Boards Role in Planning for a Low Carbon Transition

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Boardroom with live event on low carbon transition, hosted at Global Risk Insitute

The Climate Smart Board series designed to support directors in our work to evolve corporate strategy in the era of climate change and keep pace with the fast-evolving landscape of climate governance. The aim is to build strategic climate fluency on our boards that is aligned with investor expectations, changing regulations and client demands. 

Who should attend?
This program is exclusively for GRI members who are Board Members and Senior Executives with board reporting responsibilities.

Financial institutions are facing increasing pressure to reduce overall portfolio emissions and meet net zero targets to transition to a low carbon future.

To meet these objectives, financial firms can deploy a range of decarbonization strategies. One tactic is increasing investment in green and low carbon solutions. Among Canadian banks and investors, interest is growing in financing cleantech solutions as these investments are increasingly viewed as a key element of net zero strategies and a growing market segment. Yet, this sector is often characterized by uncertainty, with many technologies not yet scalable or commercialized.

Boards play a vital role in this transition as most have responsibility for overseeing and approving low-carbon transition strategies to mitigate climate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

Speaker: Phil De Luna, Expert, Sustainability, McKinsey & Company