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Women in Risk Management – Montréal 2024

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Members-only event, by invitation

Join us for an afternoon of engaging dialogue and networking with thought leaders from across the financial sector.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning present a host of opportunities for the financial sector, but also several ethical and other risks. This event will provide exclusive insights, tools, and strategies that can help you gain a competitive advantage by putting you on the cutting edge of AI risk leadership.

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Program Highlights

Dr. Sasha Luccioni, Climate Lead and AI Researcher, Hugging Face
Dr. Luccioni is a research scientist who works on the ethical and societal impacts of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models and datasets. She will speak about the current state of the art in AI, including the evolution of AI risks over time in financial services, data challenges, and ethical issues.

Responsible AI: Embracing the EDGE Principles
Dr. Alexey Rubtsov, Senior Research Associate, GRI
Dr. Rubtsov will explore the ethical, regulatory, and financial impacts of AI, and equip participants to better understand and navigate the responsible deployment of AI solutions in the financial sector by focusing on the EDGE principles (Explainability, Data, Governance, and Ethics).

Navigating the Risks and Opportunities of AI – Panel discussion
Lise Estelle Brault, Senior Director Data, Digital Transformation and Innovation, AMF
Elizabeth Côté, Director, Operational Risk Division, OSFI
Ima Okonny, Assistant Deputy Minister, ESDC
Dominique Payette, Privacy & AI Lawyer, Senior Counsel, RBC Law Group
Moderator: Linda El Ghordaf, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG

Networking reception to follow