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The Global Risk Institute Announces Launch of New E-Learning Program

DECEMBER 29, 2014

GRI’s new e-learning program, available from late February 2015, will allow our members to access risk knowledge from desktop computers and mobile devices, enhancing understanding of financial risk management across their organizations.

The first course to launch will look at model risk, and will offer three short (20 minute) animated modules on the subject, each followed by an optional quiz. This course will be of interest to organizations seeking to improve general knowledge and awareness of the use of models in financial risk management.

Created at the request of our members, the e-learning program is being developed by GRI and Optimal MRM, a risk management company that specializes in the creation and development of multi-media risk e-learning in financial institutions.

A one-minute overview video of our e-learning services and further information about our work in e-learning is available on the front page of our website,