GRI celebrates Earth Day all week long

GRI celebrates Earth Day April 22, 2021

GRI is marking Earth Day 2021 every day this week by sharing some of the recent research we’ve published and events we’ve hosted that support Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk. Watch for a new update every day this week:


GRI celebrates Earth Day April 22, 2021


April 19

Today marks the start of Earth Week. Read GRI’s Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk Outlook for 2021 to find the trends that are shaping our sustainable finance and climate risk agenda.

April 20

Yesterday’s federal budget included announcements on climate. Read GRI’s publication How Tax Incentives Can Assist Canada to Become a Competitive Clean Technology Country for ways we can spur a transition to a low carbon economy while staying competitive.

April 21

With this week’s focus on climate from Monday’s federal budget and tomorrow’s Leaders Summit, there is renewed interest in climate disclosure. Read GRI’s publication Climate-Related Financial Disclosure in the Canadian Financial Sector: A Three-Year Progress Report for a snapshot of the Canadian financial industry and climate disclosure through the window of transparency and public reporting.

April 22

Today’s Leaders Summit on Climate underscores the urgency and economic benefits of stronger climate action. Watch @globalriskfs March 17 interview with @JamesMeadowcroft on Transition Risk and Canada’s Road to Net Zero and what financial firms can do to bring down carbon emissions and align their targets for financed emissions by 2050 while boosting our economy.

April 23

Read @globalriskfs short primer on climate risk scenarios, why they are a useful tool, how policy is evolving, and the challenges and benefits that financial firms are experiencing as they undertake these assessments.