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Exploring the Anomalies of Behavioural Finance

JULY 7, 2015   Behavioural finance is an important field to help understand decision-making in financial markets. In this workshop, Professor Jim Engle-Warnick presented an overview of the foundations of behavioural finance, including results from recent experiments, and conducted an interactive experiment that focused on the decision-making biases which affect financial decisions. Finance and economics… View Article

Richard Nesbitt Speaks on Fragmentation Risk at the Conference of Montreal

JUNE 17, 2015   GRI’s President and CEO, Richard Nesbitt, recently took part in a panel discussion alongside distinguished leaders at the International Economic Forum of the Americas. The panel session Fragmentation Risk in Financial Services: A Retreat from Globalization?, sponsored by GRI, brought together Carolyn Wilkins, Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, and… View Article

Behavioural Finance Research Game Featured in La Presse

JUNE 16, 2015 A GRI-funded behavioural finance experiment was recently featured in La Presse. The game tests participants’ ability to save for retirement and is linked to research being undertaken by the Centre for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations (CIRANO) as part of GRI’s Behavioural Finance research stream.

IPE Views: Is There a Future for Defined Benefit Schemes?

The GRI Managing Director Of Research, Catherine Lubochinsky, Discusses The Future Of Defined Benefit Schemes With Investment & Pensions Europe The viability of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes in both the public and private sectors has been a subject of discussion for many years in the developed world, not least because of the significant numbers… View Article

Bringing Members the Latest Risk Research Insights

To serve our members’ needs for greater insights into financial risk research, the GRI Research team is launching a new monthly member bulletin, Research Insights. Each month, members who are signed up to the GRI mailing list (link: will receive Research Insights. This bulletin will feature summaries of leading research papers including both GRI… View Article