2020-2021 Risk Outlook Survey

  • Global Risk Institute
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The world has changed dramatically since we published our last edition of the GRI Risk Outlook Survey a year ago. Top risks that were thought to be at the forefront have been impacted and, in some instances, overshadowed by the events brought about by the global pandemic we are living through today. With this backdrop in mind, GRI has once again conducted our annual Risk Outlook Survey and this year we have added new questions related to COVID-19 to gain insight into the impact of the pandemic on financial institutions and the Canadian financial system.

The Risk Outlook Survey measures GRI member institutions’ perceptions of risk and yields important insights into the outlook of the Canadian financial services system and global economies. Our membership base is comprised of the top financial institutions in Canada and survey participants included banks, pension funds, insurance companies, Crown Corporations, industry associations and asset managers. Respondents completed the survey from November 2020 – January 2021. Selected survey questions and results are attached to the appendix.