2021 Quantum Threat Timeline Report: Global Risk Institute

  • Dr. Michele Mosca, Co-Founder & CEO, evolutionQ Inc.
  • Dr. Marco Piani, Senior Research Analyst, evolutionQ Inc.
Atomic series. Abstract concept of atom and quantum waves illustrated with fractal elements

Executive Summary

Computational problems, previously thought to be intractable by any reasonable means with potentially catastrophic consequences, are now challenges that can be solved by exploiting the mechanical properties of quantum computers.

Cybersecurity threats can be reduced by employing new cryptographic tools, both conventional and quantum, believed or provably known to be resistant to quantum attacks. Nonetheless, the transition to quantum-safe cryptography is a challenge in itself: it requires the development and deployment of hardware and software solutions, the establishment of standards, the migration of legacy systems, and more. Most importantly, safe transition will be achieved through technology lifecycle management – not crisis management – and will require time.

This report sheds light on the quantum threat timeline by tapping into the opinions of 47 international leaders in the field of quantum computing. Questions posed were designed to provide insights to those managing cyber-risk associated with quantum cryptoanalysis.