2022 Quantum Threat Timeline Report

Global Risk Institute

Quantum computer. Machine Learning. Network structure of technology. Blockchain technology concept. Digital background. Neural network.

About this Report

The quest for a quantum computer has often been described as a ‘quantum race’, with competition at the level of nations as well as private companies. This race has heated up in recent years, with the entry of new major private players, large grants from governments, and the birth and growth of many start-ups fuelled by venture capital. It has been further described as a marathon, rather than a sprint, because of the relatively long-term nature of the research and investments needed to support it.

Additionally, as scientists and engineers race to harness the calculating power of quantum computers, cryptographers are racing to develop new encryption standards that can eventually hold up against quantum computers in the hands of “bad actors”.

Risk managers will want to track developments to understand how quickly quantum computers are becoming a reality and to follow implications for cyber risk.

Quantum Threat Timeline, 2022, the fourth installment in evolutionQ’s research, continues to provide year-over-year learning and deeper insights into the world of quantum computing. Whether new to, or well versed in, the world of quantum computing, it will inform those looking to understand current perspectives on the current quantum threat timeline.