Artificial Intelligence in Finance requires specific safeguards: OSFI and GRI report – Explainability among key principles for gaining confidence in AI

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Toronto, April 17, 2023 ─ The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) and the Global Risk Institute (GRI) today jointly released a report on the ethical, legal, and financial implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on financial services institutions.

The partnership between OSFI and GRI created the Financial Industry Forum on Artificial Intelligence (FIFAI) which gathered Canada’s financial services experts from industry, government and academia on the application of AI. The rapid growth in digitalization and usage of AI across the financial services industry highlighted how current AI risk management frameworks must adapt to remain relevant, forward-looking, and responsive to industry needs. As the use of AI technologies continues to evolve, the need for guiding principles became apparent. The FIFAI discussions then led to the development of the EDGE principles, Explainability, Data, Governance and Ethics:

  • Explainability enables customers and relevant stakeholders to understand how an AI model arrives at its conclusions.
  • Data leveraged by AI allows financial institutions to provide targeted and tailored products and services to their customers or stakeholders. It also improves fraud detection, enhances risk analysis and management, boosts operational efficiency, and improves decision making.
  • Governance ensures a framework is in place that promotes a culture of responsibility and accountability around the use of AI in an organization.
  • Ethics encourages financial institutions to consider the broader societal impacts of their AI systems.


“Recent advances in machine learning represent a great opportunity for financial organizations. However, balancing regulation and innovation is essential. While it is important to ensure financial institutions remain competitive by responsibly leveraging these innovations, the financial stability of our system and its fairness to those who use it are of the upmost importance.”

– Peter Routledge, Superintendent of Financial Institutions

“AI applications will develop in scope and scale, so guardrails are needed to ensure the benefits of AI continue to be realized while the risks are prevented or mitigated. A robust risk management approach is critical to securing the public’s confidence in Canada’s financial services sector and its use of AI.”

– Sonia Baxendale, President and Chief Executive Officer, GRI

Quick facts
OSFI and GRI convened a community of AI thought leaders to establish the Financial Industry Forum on Artificial Intelligence: A Canadian Perspective on Responsible AI. Experts from industry, government and academia convened to advance the conversation around safeguards and risk management in the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in financial institutions.
The outcome of these important conversations has been synthesized into a report and will serve as a vital resource for the Canadian financial industry in determining how to responsibly leverage AI technology.

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