Kathy Bardswick named the inaugural Chair of Canada’s Sustainable Finance Action Council

Kathy Bardswick headshot

Kathy Bardswick headshotGRI is pleased to see that the Government has named Kathy Bardswick the inaugural Chair of Canada’s Sustainable Finance Action Council. In this role, she will invite a regionally diverse group of leading financial sector organizations to participate as members of the council.

The council will bring together public and private sector financial expertise to support the growth of a strong, well-functioning, sustainable finance market. Financial sector leaders will provide input on the foundational market infrastructure needed for a stable and reliable sustainable finance market in Canada that will boost investor confidence and drive economic growth. Mobilizing capital is a critical part of Canada’s work to meet its 2030 Paris target, achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and ensure that Canada continues to have a prosperous economy.

For more on this Council and its responsibilities, please read the news release from the Department of Finance