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Construction of Mortality Indexes

The Do's and don'ts - What Makes a Good Mortality Index? With appropriate mortality indexes, one can construct standardized mortality-linked securities.

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Mitigating Longevity Basis Risk With A Reinsurance Mechanism

The market for longevity risk transfers started in the UK about a decade ago. Since then, the market has seen some significant developments in terms of the number and size of deals.

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Climate Change: Why Financial Institutions Should Take Note

Climate change is one of the most significant environmental, economic and social challenges of our time. Download a copy of this report to learn more about this relatively new risk category whose impact on organizations will continue to grow.

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Say Hello To “Basel IV”

Regulatory rules governing banks - “Basel IV” risks undermining investment made in risk management human capital & technology, as well as perversely incenting banks to hold higher-risk assets

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Cyber Risk and Security in Canada

Canada can become a haven against cyber attacks if we invest in and further coordinate efforts

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An efficient machine learning approach

Machine Learning (ML) is a rapidly developing technology with applications in a wide variety of areas

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Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics, and the Disintermediation of Trust

As the technology that creates a distributed ledger, blockchain is creating significant waves of disruption in industries, processes and business models revolving around the centralization of trust.

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Investment Behaviour in the Laboratory

Investment Behaviour in the Laboratory Related Project: Behavioural Finance Preliminary  for GRI Working paper  November  16,  2015 Abstract This paper is an experimental study of dynamic investment decisions. The  goal  of  the  experiment  is  to  test  theoretical  predictions of the effect of human capital on investment. Subjects make repeated portfolio allocation decisions, allocating their money between... View Article

Research Report

Funding Value Adjustments and Fair Value

Valuing Derivatives: Funding Value Adjustments and Fair Value Related Project: Risk Management & Market Liquidity ABSTRACT The authors examine whether a bank should make a funding value adjustment (FVA) when valuing derivatives. They conclude that an FVA is justifiable only for the part of a company’s credit spread that does not reflect default risk. They... View Article