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GRAFT Update on World Economic Forum’s 2022 Most Severe Risks

World Economic Forum’s 2022 Risk Report highlight’s global environmental concerns as top of mind, followed closely by Societal concerns metal health deterioration and Social cohesion erosion, and continuing Technological concerns failure of cyber security and in Canada a potential Debt Crises and Geoeconomic confrontations. 

Research Report

2021-2022 Risk Outlook Survey

This paper presents the results of the latest survey. Key findings on priority risk issues facing the Canadian financial system and its financial institutions are first discussed. It is followed by perceptions of our members on the global economic outlook. The report concludes with risk insights drawn from this year’s survey with which we aim to inspire our audience when thinking and planning forward.

Research Report

Financing The Energy Transition: The Outlook for Cleantech in Canada

This report helps financial sector leaders develop a foundational understanding of cleantech. Getting to know this sector is key to assessing the risks and opportunities in the energy transition.

Research Report

2021 Quantum Threat Timeline Report

Computational problems, previously thought to be intractable by any reasonable means with potentially catastrophic consequences, are now challenges that can be solved by exploiting the mechanical properties of quantum computers.

Research Report

US Federal Reserve Policy In Transition: Key Impacts for Canadian Fixed Income Markets

US Federal Reserve Policy In Transition: Key Impacts for Canadian Fixed Income Markets James K. Stewart, Executive in Residence, Global Risk Institute Victoria Guo, Director Research, Global Risk Institute Download the full Executive Summary - PDF Version Download the full paper - PDF Version

Research Report

Affordable Lifetime Pension Income for a Better Tomorrow: How we can address the $1.5 trillion decumulation disconnect in the Canadian retirement income system with Dynamic Pension pools

The lack of an acceptable, readily available option to convert retirement savings into affordable monthly lifetime income is creating a dangerous disconnect in the Canadian retirement income system, and there is widespread concern that this will lead to increasing financial insecurity for a large portion of the elderly population.


Robo Advisors for Canadian Pension Participants

Robo Advisors for Canadian Pension Participants Denis Latulippe, Laval University John A. Turner, Pension Policy Center Download the full paper - PDF Version Abstract Portfolio management has evolved. Robo advisors provide financial advice to clients who previously did not have access to such assistance because they lacked sufficient amounts of investible assets, and because they... View Article