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White Paper

A Frame of Reference: Geopolitical Risks to Canadian Financial Services

In this paper, we assess the disruptive transition in geopolitics, from a multilateralist and interconnected world to an emerging paradigm of “Splintered Integration.” In this emerging paradigm, state competition overlays and even pushes back against globalization. Economic interconnectivity remains deep but uneven, with greater restrictions in some domains than in others.

Research Report

A Comparison of Pension Fund Regulation in Canada and the Netherlands

This study compares two pension supervisory frameworks (the Dutch and Canadian framework) and examines which short-term and long-term regulations for occupational pension funds are best at maintaining a healthy financial situation for the fund and provides the best results for participants in terms of pension benefits.

Research Brief

Non-GAAP Financial Measures: Caveat Emptor

Today, approximately 20 per cent of the financial information used in making investment, lending and capital allocation decisions is prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). 

Research Report

Primer on Gross Debt/GDP Risk in the Shadow of COVID-19: Canada Joins Top Debtor Nations

As the gross debt/GDP ratio grows, Canada faces the risk of increased interest coverage payments leading to reduced future fiscal flexibility. An acknowledgement of this increased risk must be met with an understanding of a plan to build the economy and to pay down the deficit. This raises a number of issues that need to be debated to address the risks coming in the future.

Research Report

Adapting to COVID-19: A Behavioural Lens on Financial Institution Resilience

With Canada now in its second year of living with COVID-19, the pandemic continues to pose ongoing and new challenges for financial institutions (FIs) in building resilience. Beyond unprecedented health, financial and economic risks, FIs face future challenges managing staff, operations and client relationships during the broader vaccine rollout.

Research Report

Tax Incentives to Fight Climate Change

Climate change is not only a global existential challenge, but it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Canada to develop leading-edge clean technology (cleantech) solutions for the world, create high-paying jobs and boost the Canadian economy.

Research Report

GRI Quantum Risk Assessment Report

A Resource Estimation Framework for Quantum Attacks Against Cryptographic Functions - Recent Developments Dr. Michele Mosca, Co-Founder, President and CEO, evolutionQ Inc. Dr. Vlad Gheorghiu,  Co-Founder & CEO, softwareQ Inc. Download the full Summary - PDF Version Download the full Report - PDF Version

Research Report

Forced Retirement Risk & Portfolio Choice

Forced Retirement Risk & Portfolio Choice Guodong Chen, New York University at Shanghai Minjoon Lee, Carleton University Tong-yob Nam, U.S. Department of the Treasury Download the full paper - PDF Version Introduction Current literature on the effect of labor income on portfolio choice overlooks that workers face a risk of being forced to retire before... View Article