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Research Report

2021 Quantum Threat Timeline Report

Computational problems, previously thought to be intractable by any reasonable means with potentially catastrophic consequences, are now challenges that can be solved by exploiting the mechanical properties of quantum computers.

Research Report

US Federal Reserve Policy In Transition: Key Impacts for Canadian Fixed Income Markets

US Federal Reserve Policy In Transition: Key Impacts for Canadian Fixed Income Markets James K. Stewart, Executive in Residence, Global Risk Institute Victoria Guo, Director Research, Global Risk Institute Download the full Executive Summary - PDF Version Download the full paper - PDF Version

Research Report

Affordable Lifetime Pension Income for a Better Tomorrow: How we can address the $1.5 trillion decumulation disconnect in the Canadian retirement income system with Dynamic Pension pools

The lack of an acceptable, readily available option to convert retirement savings into affordable monthly lifetime income is creating a dangerous disconnect in the Canadian retirement income system, and there is widespread concern that this will lead to increasing financial insecurity for a large portion of the elderly population.


Robo Advisors for Canadian Pension Participants

Robo Advisors for Canadian Pension Participants Denis Latulippe, Laval University John A. Turner, Pension Policy Center Download the full paper - PDF Version Abstract Portfolio management has evolved. Robo advisors provide financial advice to clients who previously did not have access to such assistance because they lacked sufficient amounts of investible assets, and because they... View Article

Academic Final Report

Mortgage Foreclosure, Forbearance, and Refinancing

This paper examines the effect of foreclosure prevention policies during the pandemic on refinancing activities in the United States.

Research Report

COVID-19 Deaths Linked to Restrictions Stringency Lag: A G7 and Global Analysis, Implications for Public Policy

The Delta plus and Lambda variants increased transmissibility and breakthrough cases has highlighting potential vaccine resistance. This increases the urgency for policymakers to understand and immediately enforce regulations through reducing the stringency lag of their policies.

Research Brief

POWERSHIFTS, PANDEMIC AND POPULISM IN EUROPE: Reflections for Canadian Financial Services

This paper explores recent political changes, or “power shifts”, in four of the largest European economies. Over the course of 2021-22, Italy, the  Netherlands, Germany and France have hosted or will soon play host to major elections and/or leadership transitions. These countries are all principal architects of continental integration, dating back to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952. At times, the four states also reflect conflicting viewpoints in deliberations over political and macroeconomic policy.