We emphasize and encourage links between academic researchers and practitioners at financial institutions to bring theoretical techniques to bear on real-world issues.

Research Focus

We are focused on identifying the best solutions in global risk practices

The recent financial crisis reinforced the centrality of research in assessing, reporting, and mitigating risks in the financial services sector. From both macro and micro perspectives, our research programs deliver a wide range of insights to assist our members

Research Approach

We emphasise and build connections between academic researchers and industry practitioners at financial institutions to bring theoretical techniques to bear on real-world issues.

Latest Research Reports

GRI Summit Remarks – Sonia Baxendale

Our 2019 GRI Risk Summit- Dynamic Risk-A Shifting Landscape- is a wrap, and dynamic it was!  From our panel on Open Banking- with lessons learned from our friends in the U.K. and Australia. To the insights from our keynote speaker on the future of the Canada- U.S. Relationship and the explorations of cyber risk, artificial intelligence & sustainable finance – the dialogue was stimulating and provocative! We took some time to think about our own profession, and what talent we will need to face the future head on.  The high energy “Big Ideas and Bold Perspectives” discussing the perils of global investing, the digital future of financial services, and rethinking financial risk in an area of climate change, were astounding hits.  Finally, our Chief Risk Officer best practice panel – always a perennial favourite- lived up to its billing! Thank-you to all who participated, spoke at our conference, moderated panels, and the team that took care of every detail.  The conference was once again an unqualified success.

The Cyber-Resilience of Financial Institutions: A preliminary working paper on significance and applicability of digital resilience

Recent headlines about cyber-attacks and massive data breaches are revealing the fragility of the digital infrastructure and the impossibility of assuring the integrity of computer systems, even for organizations such as financial institutions that maintain the most mature cyber security programs.

Emerging Risks

Our research team is tasked with identifying new and emerging insights to better understand risks and trends for the financial sector.