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Operational Resilience

Operational resilience is a firm's ability to prevent, respond to, recover and learn from operational disruptions to the most critical business services. It should form an integral part of a firm's overall strategy. There is an expectation of firms to have plans in place to deliver critical services, no matter what the cause of the disruption.



Operational Resilience: Where Are We?

There are a number of approaches under consideration and whether regulators ultimately respond by providing workable globally-compatible guidance is yet to be determined. Regardless, firms need to act now to better protect their clients, themselves and overall market integrity.

Financial Institution Operational Resilience: Pre and Post COVID-19

Once we move through this current crisis stage, we will have to deal with transition and, then, forge a sustainable path — a path that has been referred to as the “new normal”. This piece provides seven key guidelines for operational resilience on how to better position our financial institutions.