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Climate Risk and Sustainable Finance

Impact of Catastrophic Floods on Residential Housing Value, Mortgage Arrears and Mortgage Defaults:

A Pan-Canadian Perspective

This project will help mortgage providers better understand their exposure to residential flood risk, and means to mitigate residential flood risk. This study will compare housing price, mortgage arrears, and mortgage defaults in five “flood impacted” Canadian communities, for periods spanning six months pre vs. post catastrophic flood events (i.e., events triggering > $25 million in insurable claims), over the period 2013 – 2019. The research will provide direction to lenders that they can subsequently present to homeowners regarding easily executable actions they can take, at the property level, to lower flood risk exposure.



Climate Risk and Housing Finance



Intact Center on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo


Blair Feltmate, Kathryn Bakos, Daniel Filippi, and Taylor Legere