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Managing People Risk in the Post-Covid Environment – GRI Summit 2023

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This session brought together industry experts to explore the challenges and opportunities of proactively managing people risk in a post-pandemic world. Dr. Talia Varley from Cleveland Clinic Canada co-authored a people risk study, which was based on a survey conducted among CHROs and CROs of GRI member institutions. Joining the discussion were three risk leaders who actively participated in the survey: Nancy Gour from CDIC, Rodney Hill from OMERS, and Carol Ann Northcott from Central 1 Credit Union.

The discussion began with a recognition of the importance of understanding people risk and proactively addressing it in our current environment. The panelists shared their perspectives on how they believe leadership skills and competency requirements have evolved in recent years.

The speakers also provided valuable insights into leveraging data-driven approaches and technology tools for assessing and mitigating such risk within an organization. The panel emphasized that effectively managing people risk requires a more defined delineation of risk ownership and governance, along with enhanced collaboration across different departments.

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