Our Mission

The Global Risk Institute is the premier organization that defines thought leadership in risk management for the financial industry globally. It brings together leaders from industry, academia, and government to draw actionable insights on emerging risks globally.


Mark Hughes Appointed Chair of the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI)

The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI) today announced the appointment of Mark Hughes as the new Chair of its Board of Directors.


As a leader for risk management professionals in the finance sector, Global Risk Institute focuses on investigating and exploring the most critical issues facing global institutions today.


Financial institutions, governments, policymakers and regulators are all seeking growth and stability in an uncertain world. The Global Risk Institute responds by providing them with better intelligence, information and training.

Building Risk Professionals

Global Risk Institute believes in engaging directly with our members in order to assist them in building knowledge and strengthen their risk management team capacity. We do that through hosted events, publications and education programs.

Research Themes

  • Technological Disruption

    Technological advances are challenging the way the finance sector operates. We study to these innovations and equip you with knowledge to help mitigate the threats, identify the trends and capitalize on new opportunities.

  • Climate Change

    GRI is engaged in expanding financial sectors understanding of climate-related risks and costs.

  • Regulation

    GRI is working with our members to help in improving processes, governance and offering strategies to cope regulatory changes.



How We Engage

  • Seminars and Workshops

    GRI members have access to presentations, workshops and forums presented by leading experts.

  • In-house Presentations

    GRI executive team is regularly invited to give special presentations to business and Risk Management divisions.

  • Annual Conference

    Global Risk Institute’s annual conference is focused on bringing together risk management professionals in a collaborative environment featuring interactive discussions and case studies by world leading experts.

  • Education Programs

    Global Risk Institute has several programs underway to improve the skills of risk managers, from students graduating from University to C-Suite executives to board members.


Quantum Threat Timeline

The ‘quantum race’ is on and the race course and timeline are partially unknown. The creation of a scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computer that poses a significant risk to cyber security may be closer than we think. Although quantum attacks are not here yet, critical decisions need to be made today in order to respond to these threats in the future.

Distribution Analysis for Information Risk – A Cyber Quantification Framework

The Distribution Analysis for Information Risk (DAIR) is a cyber quantification methodology that maps cyber events with a hierarchical risk taxonomy to evaluate operational, business & systemic risk economic capital. DAIR will help organizations quantify cyber risk in a consistent and meaningful way, giving consideration to asset vulnerabilities as well as business and systemic considerations.

GRI Summit Remarks – Sonia Baxendale

Our 2019 GRI Risk Summit- Dynamic Risk-A Shifting Landscape- is a wrap, and dynamic it was!  From our panel on Open Banking- with lessons learned from our friends in the U.K. and Australia. To the insights from our keynote speaker on the future of the Canada- U.S. Relationship and the explorations of cyber risk, artificial intelligence & sustainable finance – the dialogue was stimulating and provocative! We took some time to think about our own profession, and what talent we will need to face the future head on.  The high energy “Big Ideas and Bold Perspectives” discussing the perils of global investing, the digital future of financial services, and rethinking financial risk in an area of climate change, were astounding hits.  Finally, our Chief Risk Officer best practice panel – always a perennial favourite- lived up to its billing! Thank-you to all who participated, spoke at our conference, moderated panels, and the team that took care of every detail.  The conference was once again an unqualified success.