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GRI is always on the look out for those interested in contributing to risk management research, engagement and educational endeavours.

The Global Risk Institute acts as a global research centre of excellence, stimulating evidence-based debate between policy makers, regulators, practitioners, and academics engaged in risk with three focal points: Research, Events & Education.

The events tackle risk-related themes in a global context and from multiple perspectives. Our research team is tasked with identifying new and emerging insights to better understand risks and trends for the financial services sector. And our educational programs build the talent necessary to sustain and grow Canada’s competitive advantage in risk management for the financial services industry.

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▪ The MD, Research will report to the President and CEO of GRI and will be responsible to develop and manage GRI’s in- house research capacity.
▪ Lead accountability for the development of a risk management research strategy through discussion with members and interested stakeholders in business, government and academia.
▪ Through ongoing dialogue, ensure that this strategy remains current in light of events and changing circumstances within the financial service sector. Lead the Research Advisory Council, and report to the CEO the outcomes and discussions. Build GRI’s value through our Research activities.
▪ Develop a program of research that is both applied and interdisciplinary in nature.
▪ Provide oversight and coordination for all research activity supported by GRI. Including tracking of deliverables for both
internal and external projects.
▪ Develop Research Hubs and topics that build Canadian risk management capabilities.

▪ Develop and expand partnerships with leading financial institutions, universities, research institutes/centers, international journals, and regulatory bodies to generate best-in-class research content.
▪ Identify partners within the financial services industry, universities and other research organizations to frame research projects and put in place appropriate contractual arrangements.
▪ Ensure that research findings are communicated in ways that reflect the audience and enhance the quality of decision making in the sector.
▪ Serve as a spokesperson/ambassador for GRI in national and international forums on risk management in Financial Services.
▪ Contribute, as a key member of the GRI leadership team, to decisions regarding the management and future direction of GRI.



Further establish GRI as a thought leader on risk issues in financial services globally through the:
• Development of a comprehensive Research Strategy which will align with GRI’s focus and objectives and is consistent with the Board approved Strategic Objectives
• Formulate and execute an outreach strategy that will create new financial industry research partnerships and maintain strong relationships with all existing research partners
• Deliver papers and research documents as outlined in the GRI annual objectives.
• Develop and maintain a strong and stable team and an internal culture of collaboration and excellence.


The new Managing Director will be a team player with a proven ability to collaborate with industry professionals, eminent researchers and thought leaders from different backgrounds, as well as internal leadership team including membership and marketing.
• Strong Industry relationships and networks
• Exposure to/credibility with the public sector and/or regulatory institutions.
• Strong ties with and/or the ability to access leaders of academic institutions.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills, capable of communicating complex ideas to a diverse range of stakeholders and ability to act as an advocate and spokesperson for GRI and, more broadly, financial service sector risk management in Canada.
• Proven track record of leadership experience.
• 3 days per week in the office minimum.
• Bilingual (French/English) an asset.


GRI is a member services organization. Key to its success is a member relations strategy that will ensure:

  1. Satisfaction of GRI’s existing members at the most senior levels (i.e., C-suite, Board);
  2. Target and develop new member organizations
  3. Oversee member stewardship and membership benefits implementation
  4. Advocate on behalf of GRI member organizations

In consultation with the Director, Member Services, the Manager, Member Services is responsible for helping implement a plan for the recruitment of new members and the retention of current members. The Manager, Member Services will work with the Director, Member Services to evaluate and identify the changing needs of members to support the evolvement of the member programs, such as education and events, to support these needs.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Support the Director, Member Services in the development and execution of a member relations plan by having awareness of the GRI business and strategic plan
  • Support the Director, Member Services in executing on the GRI strategic plan
  • Prepare quarterly and ad-hoc member engagement/fulfillment reports and membership benefits fulfillment reports
  • Work in tandem with the Director, Member Services in scheduling and preparing for bi- weekly/monthly membership outreach/update calls
  • On a regular, ongoing basis, actively track digital communications channels (i.e., subscription to e-newsletters, Canada Newswire, LinkedIn, BNN Bloomberg, Google Alerts, member websites) for relevant member updates
  • Support participation in GRI events and educational programs by assisting the Director, Member Services in targeting member organizations, email outreach, consolidation of participation lists and managing participant communication
  • Assist the Director, Member Services in driving the member prospect pipeline, including building PPT decks for member prospects, preparing briefing documents and gathering current information on prospects
  • Participate in implementing the annual member survey by proactively identifying areas of member requests and concerns from previous years’ survey(.s), GRI educational programming/events, engaging with third-party providers and proactively assessing that GRI members are satisfied with GRI programs and communications
  • Where/when required, working with the Director, Member Services, develop and build marketing collateral to highlight GRI’s value proposition to current and prospective members
  • Maintain and update the master contact list of GRI members, GRI member organization boards, president & CEOs, VIPs and, working with the communications team and GRI Business Analyst, ensure that email and event communication lists are current
  • Where/when required, participate in creating GRI member target invitation lists for events, ensuring that member attendance is monitored and that proper coverage is achieved


  • First Year Key Success Factors

    1. Participate in the development of the member relations plan and execution of the agreed- to activities with the Director, Member Services
    2. Coordinate and execute the ongoing acquisition, maintenance and integrity of member data and contact information
    3. Support the development and execution of the annual member acquisition and stewardship plans
    4. Build and manage the membership project plan and essential components of the annual member satisfaction survey

The Federal Ministry of Finance is currently seeking applications from experienced Canadians from across the country who are interested in a position as a board member of the Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI). Up to two positions are available.

Position Summary

The Board of Directors consists of up to 20 directors, including two representatives appointed by the Federal Minister of Finance, and meets at least four times a year. Each board member serves on one of the following board committees:

  1. Finance and Audit Committee
  2. Membership, HR, and Compensation Committee
  3. Nominating and Governance Committee

Information about GRI’s Board of Directors can be found at

Essential Requirements

To be considered for this position, please provide examples from your career that clearly demonstrate how you meet the following criteria:

  • Experience
    • In the areas of banking, pensions, asset management and insurance, and/or
    • Senior executive-level experience in risk management (i.e., C-suite level or board member)
  • Education
    • Degree from a recognized university in a relevant field of study
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Knowledge of corporate governance
    • Ability to maintain an impartial and independent perspective and exercise sound judgment
    • Ability to listen carefully, to analyze and ask relevant questions at the strategic level, and to consider the perspectives of various stakeholders
    • Ability to foster a respectful and trusting environment where sound advice is valued and encourage expression of diverse opinions and perspectives while fostering collegiality
    • Ability to understand situations and problems by addressing underlying issues and to leverage knowledge and experience and common sense to create consensus
    • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Personal Attributes
    • High ethical standards and integrity

Asset Qualifications

  • Experience
    • Chief Risk Officer from a large financial institution, and/or
    • Chief Executive Officer of a globally-recognized firm, who may also be globally-recognized personally, and/or
    • International director with recognition in risk and finance, and/or
    • Being party to international Chief Executive Officer, Board of Director and international risk networks, and/or
    • Chairing a Risk Committee

Additional experience in the areas of applied research, technology risk, and fundraising and attracting new members would also be considered valuable.


Interested individuals should contact Vanda Vicars for more information.  Please note that the posting closes on August 31, 2023. 

For the full posting click here.


The Research Associate will report to the Managing Director, Research. The Research Associate’s primary responsibility is to conduct in-house research projects and participate in external research projects supported by GRI.

Specific responsibilities include:

·       Build GRI’s value through our Research activities

·       Complete GRI’s in-house research projects independently. These projects may include academic research, benchmarking studies, and whitepapers

·       Support all GRI research activities domestically and globally

·       Lead and participate in several Industry/academic research efforts with internal and external teams


Key to the success of GRI is an ongoing program of high-quality research that is both applied and interdisciplinary in nature.

Research takes many forms – original research, modelling, case studies and surveys. It involves disciplines as diverse as finance, economics, accounting, actuarial science, mathematics, corporate governance and management.

Major research projects are undertaken both at selected universities and in-house at GRI to meet GRI members’ needs. Research that falls under one of GRI’s key risk themes is a priority.Key to the success of GRI will be an ongoing program of high-quality research that is both applied and interdisciplinary in nature. 


The Events Manager is an exceptionally organized and detail-oriented individual with a track record of managing the deployment of event technology platforms, hybrid and in person event implementations, with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities. The successful candidate will work closely with internal stakeholders to ensure a seamless, best-in-class member experience, and provide stakeholders with thorough insights and analytics services.
The Events Manager will report to the Director, Events and Education.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Responsibility for the end-to-end planning of virtual, hybrid and in person event initiatives
  • Event technical production of virtual, hybrid and in person event initiatives
  • Assist the Director, Events and Education and project teams to shape innovative and impactful virtual, hybrid and in person events
  • Primary operational contact and primary technical contact for members during the hybrid and virtual engagement process
  • Support innovation of data-driven observation within the team, with a focus on transforming event data into relevant, actionable recommendations, which improve event design and attendee experiences
  • Apply analytics to better understand attendees, their behaviors and interests, and improve engagement while driving the continual optimization of future strategies, and plans
  • Creates and ensures delivery of virtual asset requirements from all involved parties
  • Organizes, prepares and uploads the event content for the virtual environment
  • Preparation of event program documents (including but not limited to workback, AV tech plans, function sheets, ROS, and agendas) as required
  • Responsible for the financials results of the event initiative including reviewing supplier invoices, budget updates and final account reconciliation
  • Actively participate in creative brainstorming and development sessions
  • Vetting and management of vendors to deliver on elements of the attendee experience; A/V
    and staging, catering, attendee materials, activations etc.
  • Provide weekly status updates on program results/personnel, member program reviews
  • Provide accurate content for enterprise reporting
  • Source keynote speakers, engagement and entertainment options
  • Organize and participate in event and tech rehearsals
  • Stay current in design trends, entertainment, production, vendor products, and new industry technologies
  • Assess current software and tools to provide a recommendation for features/enhancements
    for future consideration and implementation to achieve corporate goals related to virtual/hybrid events
  • Provide clear timelines and deadlines related to collateral and asset collection required for the virtual event, proactively seeking out information from key stakeholders, and following up in a timely manner, when necessary
  • Provide status updates to internal and external stakeholders on pre-production milestones to ensure successful delivery on the day of the event.
  • Conduct pre-event and post-event debriefs for our stakeholders
  • Other duties as assigne