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Using AI advances in the management of culture

Using AI advances in the management of culture event graphic

A lot has been written about the necessity of an articulated Risk Culture, but what about the management of cultural risk?

Ask any CEO and he/she will often tell you their greatest asset is their people. Yet the scandals related to poor behaviour, incentives gone awry, and an unmanaged culture risk continue to roll in – bribery, market manipulation, mis-selling of account services and insurance, and systematic fraud – all committed by household, trusted names.

Tools to manage this primary asset seem to be limited to ‘tone from the top’, codified behavioural standards and whistleblower hotlines. Are there advances in technology and understanding that allow those accountable for their employees’ behaviour to add science to its monitoring so as to start managing it? Perhaps help is on the way in the form of AI and ML?

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Michael Durland
President and CEO, Melancthon Capital

Mike is the President and CEO of Melancthon Capital, a private company which provides capital and advisory services to socially purposeful emerging Canadian companies. Mike also holds the position of Professor of Practice at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, is the Chair of the Board of Directors of DeepLearni.ng, and is a founding principal in Cabot Links.

Mike is a former Group Head and CEO, Global Banking and Markets for Scotiabank. Mike holds a B Comm degree from St. Mary’s University, a PhD in Finance and Operations Research from Queen’s University and an honorary Doctorate from St. Mary’s University.

Jonathan Kreindler,
CEO, Receptiviti

Jonathan is CEO and Co-founder of Receptiviti. He’s a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who is passionate about building great teams and remarkable companies. Prior to founding Receptiviti, Jonathan co-founded a technology company that sold software to professional services firms, universities and government agencies. He had a 15-year career as a management consultant working with the executive teams at Fortune-100 technology and financial services companies throughout North America, Europe and South America. Jonathan holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.