Canadian Public Policy – Pensions, Retirement, Longevity and Long-term Care Volume I

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About this Report

Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques is Canada’s foremost journal examining economic and social policy. It is directed at a wide readership including decision makers and advisers in business organizations and governments, and policy researchers in private institutions and universities.

GRI has sponsored Volume 48 Special Edition – Pensions, Retirement, Longevity and Long-term Care Volume I.  The following are the individual articles within the full issue:

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Pensions, Retirement, Longevity, and Long-term Care
by Pierre-Carl Michaud, Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle

Inter-Jurisdictional Retirement in Canada
by Derek Messacar

Replacement Ratios of Public Pensions in Canada: Heterogeneity across Socio-Economic Status
by Nicholas-James Clavet, Mayssun El-Attar and Raquel Fonseca

The Future of Long-term Care in Quebec: What are the Cost Savings from a Realistic Shift Towards more Home Care?
by Nicholas-James Clavet, Réjean Hébert, Pierre-Carl Michaud and Julien Navaux

Addressing the Capital Requirement: Perspectives on the Need for More LTC Beds in Ontario
by Blair Roblin, Raisa Deber and Andrea Baumann

Nonprofit Long-term Care in Ontario: How Financially Robust is the System?
by Lisa Halpern, Susan D. Phillips and Nathan J. Grasse

Dying at home: a privilege for those who have the time and money
by Catherine Deri Armstrong and Rose Anne Devlin