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Future Pension Plan Adequacy
in a Changing World:
Canadians’ Preparation for Retirement - CPR

David Boisclair
Ismaël Choinière-Crèvecoeur
Pierre-Carl Michaud,
Pierre-Yves Yanni
Retirement and Savings Institute (RSI), HEC Montréal

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Future Pension Plan Adequacy in a Changing World


The Canadians’ Preparation for Retirement (CPR) project aims to shed light on the risks that may impact future pension plan adequacy of Canadians in a rapidly changing pension landscape. To answer this question, the research team developed an open-access stochastic retirement preparation simulator based on transparent and flexible assumptions. The individual online interface of the CPR simulator is now available. The calculator includes a stochastic version that models fluctuations over time for several variables such as investment returns, house prices, earnings, etc. Importantly and innovatively, this allows to compute not only retirement preparedness in a binary manner, but also the probability that a household will be adequately prepared for retirement.


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