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Where To From Here: Bank of Canada Policy in 2023

2022 witnessed the Bank of Canada’s (BoC’s) transition to monetary tightening from near-zero policy rates and quantitative easing (QE) during the first two years of the pandemic. The policy normalization included the sharp escalation in policy rates and the beginning of quantitative tightening. Join us for the first webinar in the series which will examine the outlook […]

The New Macroeconomic Paradigm: Pandemic Lessons and Policy Needs 

Central banks in the US, UK, Europe and Canada shifted dramatically to monetary tightening in 2022 from unprecedented monetary stimulus during the first two years of the pandemic. This fundamental transition reflected a new macroeconomic paradigm for monetary and fiscal policy relative to the decade after the Great Financial Crisis and during 2020 and 2021. […]

Fiscal Policy in Challenging Economic Times: Risks & Opportunities

Canada like most other advanced economies provided massive fiscal support in 2020 in response to the severe economic contraction from COVID-19 and the restrictions that were adopted to contain the pandemic. The rapid recovery by the summer 2020, and subsequent robust economic and employment growth through mid 2022, helped fuel the sharp rebound in government […]