We emphasize and encourage links between academic researchers and practitioners at financial institutions to bring theoretical techniques to bear on real-world issues.

Cyber Security and Fraud

Cyber security practices and insights on latest methods are critical elements that need to be identified, studied and understood. Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, terrorist financing as well as fraudulent insurance claims are just some of the criminal actions the sector must also be vigilant in opposing.

We expose our members to industry experts and equip them with knowledge to help them mitigate threats, identify consumer trends and capitalize on new opportunities in technology. GRI collaborates with authorities leading the charge in combating these activities to share their expertise with members to aid in developing their response capabilities as well as improving loss rates and operational efficiency.

A Resource Estimation Framework for Quantum Attacks Against Cryptographic Functions

“A Resource Estimation Framework for Quantum Attacks Against Cryptographic Functions” provides an update on our ongoing work related to estimating the real-world effort it will take for a quantum computer to compromise specific cryptographic functions at the foundation of protecting our ICT infrastructure.

Managing risk in a risky world

One of the leading issues on the agenda is Cyber Security. Richard Nesbitt, Chief Executive Officer at Global Risk Institute, talks about risks in the global financial industry.

Cyber Risk and Security in Canada

Brain O'Donnell and Richard Nesbitt

Canada can become a haven against cyber attacks if we invest in and further coordinate efforts