2023 Quantum Threat Timeline Report

Global Risk Institute

Quantum computer. Machine Learning. Network structure of technology. Blockchain technology concept. Digital background. Neural network.

About this Report

The global race to develop quantum computers has critical implications for cybersecurity and organizations must pay attention. Mitigation of the quantum threat to cybersecurity requires a transition to cryptology that is resilient against quantum attacks – implemented carefully and not rushed – evaluated based on organizations’ specific shelf lives, migration times and risk appetites.

Our 2023 Quantum Threat Timeline Report, a collaboration between GRI and evolutionQ, synthesizes 37 leading experts’ insights on the current state of quantum computing and the threat it poses for cybersecurity. This fifth installment in our annual reporting explores the many factors that affect the quantum threat timeline, including the skyrocketing level of investment in quantum computing and related technologies.

The good news is that new “quantum safe” cryptographic solutions exist that can safeguard critical data and systems. However, transitioning to them is complex and requires substantial time to avoid pitfalls. This report quantifies the urgency for mitigating the looming quantum threat and will be of value to those responsible for managing cyber-risk. A proactive approach to the quantum-safe transition will prevent gaps in cybersecurity and reduce risks tied to hasty implementation.