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Announcement From Richard Nesbitt: Global Risk Institute to Provide Members With Video Streaming of Events

MARCH 10, 2016


I am  pleased to announce the addition of video records  of all of our events in GRI’s Digital Library..

As an added value to all our Global Risk Institute members we will now be providing video streaming of GRI Events and seminars post event. If you are unable to attend an event in person we be able to visit the website and view a video of the main components of the presentation.

As our membership continues to grow across Canada and globally.  GRI is  reaching audiences nationwide we will strive to ensure every member is able to benefit from the valuable content available. Attending events in person provides the added value to participate in forums, network with industry peers and engage with industry experts. With the addition of these videos even you can be sure to  learn best practices and insight on the latest emerging technologies and research findings from industry and academic experts..

We hope that you take advantage of this new service by visiting the reviewing our Digital library.


Richard Nesbitt

President and CEO,
Global Risk Institute