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The Global Risk Institute Sets Up Seventh Research Stream: Creates First Track

DECEMBER 17, 2014

The Global Risk Institute in Financial Services (GRI) has signed an agreement with the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations (CIRANO), a research network based in Quebec, relating to a new research stream on behavioural finance. The first research track in GRI’s seventh stream will be entitled, “A Laboratory Study of the Behaviour of Financial Services Professionals and their Clients”.

While much is known about behavioral anomalies and their effect on the decision-making of financial professionals in uncertain and competitive environments, far less is known about the effect of these behavioural anomalies on decision-making on behalf of another person or institution – some of the most important and influential decisions that professionals make.

For the first time, the project will reveal how professionals take into account the preferences of their clients and how the preferences of the professionals influence their own decision-making on a client’s behalf. The lead researcher for this first research track is Dr. Jim Engle-Warnick of CIRANO.