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The Global Risk Institute to Sponsor IFC Montreal, UK-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Quebec Government Office in London Luncheon

JANUARY 8, 2014

At the January 21st 2014 luncheon, “Lifting the Veil on PSP Investments”, Mr. Gordon J. Fyfe — who launched his finance career working in the London offices of JP Morgan — will share some insights gleaned from his 10 years at the helm of this fast-growing, world-class organization, whose diversified portfolio includes a number of prestigious London properties as well as a major stake in key UK ports. PSP Investments – a unique Montréal success story.


Mr. Fyfe was appointed President and CEO of PSP Investments in October 2003. PSP Investments is one of Canada’s largest pension investment managers. It invests funds for the pension plans of the Public Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Forces and its Reserve Force.

Prior to joining PSP Investments, Mr Fyfe held the position of President, CDP Capital – World Markets. Before joining CDP Capital, Mr Fyfe was President and Chief Operating Officer of TAL International, a division of TAL Global Asset Management. He was previously a Vice President at JP Morgan in London, England.

Mr. Fyfe is member of the Board of Directors of Revera Inc., Telesat Canada and TimberWest Forest Corp. He also serves as Chair of the Emory Center for Alternative Investments in Atlanta and as Chair of the Pacific Pension Institute (PPI).

He is a graduate of INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France, UBC, Vancouver, British Columbia.


One of Canada’s largest yet least-known pension investment funds, operating largely below the radar, CEO Gordon J. Fyfe and his team have quietly gone about the business of building Montréal-based PSP Investments into a high-performing $85-billion powerhouse, which ranks among the leading pension investment funds not only in Canada but internationally.