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How Career Prospects are Looking in Risk Management

“There is a shortage of supply [of risk managers], so if anybody is looking for a fast way to move up the organization today, it’s probably risk management.”

- Sonia Baxendale, President and CEO of the Global Risk Institute, said Tuesday during a panel discussion at the Payments Canada Summit.


“It’s a place that is getting more and more respect in organizations, more and more time at the table, more recognition at board levels, [and] more recognition by CEOs,” Baxendale said of the risk management profession.

Baxendale was asked by the moderator – Maggie Smith, director of operational risk at Payments Canada – what piece of practical advice she would give to someone who is looking to get into a career or role in risk management.

“Good risk management is not really achieved through using a stick. It’s more about the carrot. It’s about partnership and bringing others along in the organization with you,” Baxendale said during the panel.