National Pension Hub (NPH)


National Pension Hub (NPH) for Pension Knowledge & Research

Through collaboration with leading Canadian pension plans, service providers, academia, and policy makers, the Global Risk Institute has established the National Pension Hub for Pension Knowledge and Research.


The purpose of the NPH is to provide a sustainable pipeline of independent and objective pension research that, among other things, will lead to innovative solutions to pension design, governance and investment challenges.

It leverages the global leadership of Canadian pension plans and consulting plans and engages the academic community on complex research topics to produce objective pension-focused and industry-relevant research and insights. We strive to offer local pension design insights as well as globally-relevant pension investment and governance research to establish Canada as a source for leading pension research.


  • Provide Innovative Solutions to Pension Challenges

    Nurturing and growing a vast platform of pension knowledge will benefit government and industry partners and lead to innovative solutions to pension design, governance, risk management, and investment challenges.

  • Create Sustainable Capacity for Academic Research Focused on Improving Retirement Savings Outcomes

    Creating a well-funded, sustainable pipeline of academic research will bring rigour and contribute to expertise within the academic community.

  • Serves as an Unbiased Source for Policy Consultation

    Objective and reliable research offers policy makers and industry leaders access to fact-based analysis and commentary, which encourages debate on pension policy and leads to consensus on critical issues.