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How Natural Language Processing is Reshaping the World of Finance

Natural Language Processing is a sub-section of the artificial intelligence domain that is focused on teaching computers to understand natural human languages. NLP encompasses a range of theory-motivated computational techniques which attempt to address the disconnect between human and computer languages.

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A Methodology for Quantum Risk Assessment

Quantum computing is a growing technology that is rapidly changing how electronic communications and digital transactions will take place in the near future. In this article, we look at how organizations can investigate and mitigate the risks associated with the changes that will be brought about by this emerging technology.

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Summary of Key Risks in 2017

Initial Perspectives on 2017 - This view is consistent with the consensus of our members, who participated in our key risk survey. Not surprisingly members identified Consumer Debt / Canadian Housing Market, Rising Interest Rates and Cyber Risk amongst their top concerns for 2017.

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Enterprise Risk Management Roadmap: GRI Program Overview

One of our primary goals has been to improve risk management in the financial services sector through enterprise risk management (ERM) education and training. In order to advance this important goal, Global Risk Institute is launching a comprehensive ERM Roadmap program initiative to contribute to this important ERM practice area.

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Market Liquidity: One door closes, another one opens?

Market liquidity is in a transition and the capital markets are undergoing a significant transformation. Like any transition, this one too has its share of challenges and yet, provides many opportunities to participants.

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Using the Hadoop Ecosystem to meet Basel 239 Requirements

In this paper, we define the Hadoop ecosystem, its components, and how it can help with risk data aggregation and management holistically.

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A Target GDP Approach to Risk and Return in Climate Change Policy

Climate change is widely recognized as a serious risk that requires worldwide governmental action. Failing to act on climate change including the risk to the world's financial systems by threatening financial resilience and longer-term prosperity.

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Are target date funds dinosaurs? Failure to adapt can lead to extinction.

Conventional defined benefit (DB) plans are becoming a thing of the past. Do target date funds need to adapt? in this papers we explore adaptive investment strategies and show that they significantly outperform typical Target Date Fund strategies.

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Digital Banking Manifesto: The End of Banks?

Thanks to new developments in data technology and in mobile telecommunications adoption, we see the potential rise of a third wave of innovation in banking. In this paper we will outline the key features, benefits, and strategic imperative of the Digital Bank of the Future

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Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Liability Discount Rates

This article explores the state of public defined programs across the United States, where the methodology for selecting a discount rate for the program’s liability is having significant implications for asset allocation and risk management.