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GRI Quantum Risk Assessment Report – Part 5

The precise time at which our current systems will be vulnerable to systemic quantum attack depends on two key factors. Firstly, how large of a quantum computation is needed to break these systems, and secondly, how soon the required resources are available. In this report we focus on the first part.

Research Report

Withstanding Cyber-Attacks: Cyber-Resilience Practices in the Financial Sector

This research using qualitative data collected among a sample of 44 cyber security professionals from 28 financial sector organizations in 5 geographies describes the measures enabling cyber-resilience in the financial sector. The general objective is to learn from those who implement cyber-resilience on a daily basis what works, what does not, and what are their main constraints.

White Paper

Global Survey of Dividend Policy During COVID-19

Regulators around the globe have been providing guidance to banks and insurance companies on how to proceed with dividends and share buybacks. It will be critical for financial institutions to achieve the appropriate balance between capital preservation for purposes of safety and soundness and the requirement to ensure they have the firepower to support their clients. There have been varied responses around the globe and we have captured them in order to help inform decision making.


Long-Term Thinking In Extraordinary Times: Policy-Making & Regulation During the COVID-19 Crisis

It is challenging to think longer term in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and an economic contraction of huge magnitude and uncertain duration. The extraordinary healthcare needs and enormous economic and financial stresses are rightly dominating the public agenda and the resources of governments.

Industry Report

Transition from Defined Benefit to Target Benefit

Transition from Defined Benefit to Target Benefit Industry Report Mary Hardy, David Saunders, and Xiaobai Zhu Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo Download the Industry Report Highlights This article is a summary of the paper by the same authors, titled "Long and short term optimal transition from a defined benefit to a... View Article


GRAFT: COVID-19 Implications

The world has been at the edge of a tipping point for over a year. Spread of viral disease was the risk that toppled the market, closed businesses and borders, made remote work a norm, and unfortunately has taken an unprecedented number of lives. The interrelationship of Global Risks and Trends outlines the path that led the world to its current state, and provides a framework for identifying the implications of COVID-19, and the path forward.

Research Report

Factoring Climate Risk into Financial Valuation

The report “Factoring Climate Risk into Financial Valuation” shows how climate-related data can be used with existing valuation models to determine a company's climate change risk exposure in financial terms. GRI has supported the development of this tool to help investors incorporate extreme weather risk into their decision-making. This framework will fill in data gaps that are crucial for effectively assessing risk.


COVID-19 and 3rd Party Suppliers: Questions Risk Managers Should be Asking

Given the significant and increasing reliance on outsourcing and 3rd party supplier relationships in the financial services sector, risk managers should also be evaluating potential impacts on service levels from developments relating to the COVID-19 situation. This brief covers the questions to ask of your own institution, and your 3rd party suppliers.


Risk Management Has Moved to the Top of the House – Women Should Move with It

In response to the fast-changing conditions and expectations in today’s financial markets, risk leaders need to be more proactive than ever before. We have entered the era where leaders will not be able to access the C-suite or board if they haven’t had a stint in risk management.

White Paper

Climate Change Tops Risk Correlation Ranking

Climate change is a broad and diverse trend that poses a significant challenge for Financial Institutions (FIs) to address. This paper deploys one approach to weighing and prioritizing these risks, The Global Risks and Trends Framework (GRAFT), to examples of climate change, extreme weather events and natural disaster risk correlations and suggests ways for FIs to address them.