Student Insights

Young people, sometimes called ‘millennials’, understand that how they manage risk and reward can play a big role in governing their future success. They are incented to identify future risks as it may determine the success of their chosen field, organization and even perhaps the society in which they live.

In keeping with Global Risk Institute’s mission to be the premier organization that defines thought leadership in risk management for the financial industry globally, an opportunity exists to further engagement with millennials and the academic institutions in which they study by providing a platform for publication of analysis and insight by top students engaged in advanced degrees in risk management.

GRI seeks to capture the creativity and thoughts of millennials with this new initiative.

Papers written by this new generation may act as a window into how they identify and perceive important risks and what they think should be done about them. This program has the potential to deepen the relationship between GRI and the academic community, and provide fresh, unique thought pieces of value to our members and the financial services community broadly.

This new platform will be open to students attending organized programs at accredited universities and colleges, providing them with an opportunity to voice their perspectives and research on risk management related concerns that could have an impact on the success of the financial services industry and its participants. Students will submit their papers to their professors/instructors, who will then forward the papers to GRI for approval prior to featuring them on the GRI website.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these papers belong to the author(s) and are not in any way endorsed by GRI.


  • Students must be in Masters level programs and above at recognized/accredited institutions. Programs should be risk management related and relevant.
  • Work is strongly preferred to be directly relevant to Financial Services.
  • Work must be submitted and recommended by supervising professors with the permission of the student and university/college.
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, only one work per student per term will be considered.
  • Papers must be in final form.
  • Papers may be theoretical but are generally required to be fact based – opinion pieces are discouraged.
  • Papers will be displayed on GRI’s website for a maximum of 6 months.  GRI retains the right to republish.
  • Works may only be submitted once.
  • Papers are limited to 10 pages in length.
  • Only papers approved by GRI, in its sole discretion, will be published.

Submission Process

Papers for submission can be sent to